About Milk / Dairy Products : Health Food or Health Risk?

A very important source of calcium in the body that is preferred by millions every day is milk/dairy products. Milk is considered as a complete diet. Yogurt, cheese, milk, cottage cheese, butter, and more, there are innumerable options to choose from dairy products. But the question here is, is the intake of dairy products considered healthy or can prove to be a health risk? Let us go for a fact check about such widely used products.

  1. A source of vitamins and minerals: The daily requirement of our body is mainly fulfilled by intake of dairy products in different forms. Sometimes, this might just be out of the taste. But it is important to note that, milk and milk products are an excellent source of protein, water-soluble Vitamin B complex, fat-soluble Vitamin A, D, E, and K, and essential fatty acids such as omega-3 and linoleic acid in conjugated form. Various minerals such as Phosphorus, Potassium, Sulphur, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, and more are also obtained from it. A glass of milk on a daily basis can enhance your immune system too. Milk products Delhi provides the best nutrition milk in different flavors.
  2. Which form of dairy should you go for : Adults mostly prefer low-fat or fat-free milk products but research from various health care institutes have proved that full-fat milk is actually good for health. The perfect balance of fat and proteins can be found in a wholesome glass of full-fat milk which has no relations with cardiovascular diseases. It is the very high devour of milk that can be associated with increased risk of heart problems, not the quality. Fermented dairy products are rich in probiotics which clear the clutter of cholesterol, help in the breakdown and easy digestion or fat, improve lipid profile and combat infections; thereby, complementing immune system. Some people may, however, face digestion issues with consumption of milk/ products. They can get a doctor’s consultation regarding the matter.
  3. People with compromised health: Individuals with medical conditions such as lactose intolerance should never go for any kind of milk or milk related products. This can complicate their situation and can prove fatal. This is not recommended for people with a weak digestive system. Gastritis is a problem that is mostly encountered with consumption of milk. For such people who face gastric disorders related to consumption of milk, can go for yogurt or cheese that have a different composition. Consumption of milk especially during the night with additives such as turmeric, pepper, or cinnamon can help improve health conditions. And go for the best full cream milk in the market.
  4. Milk for organs: It is wrongly understood that low-fat milk helps to maintain weight. Low-fat milk is full of sugars that ultimately get deposited in the body instead of fat. The fat in the milk, on the other hand, get used up in the maintenance of organs such as skin, liver, and heart. Insulin sensitivity is best when milk is taken. The triglycerides, fats, and cholesterol found in milk help the skin to produce Vitamin D from the supplemented nutrients, thereby, enriching skin cells with essential nutritive components. Strong muscles, bones, and better brain performance are seen with the individuals consuming milk on a daily basis. Hence, full cream milk for babies is the perfect decision. Milk also complements the synthesis of hormones in the body, hence, generate a balanced system overall. Remember, organic full cream milk is the best choice to go for.